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Mentor, Editor, Trainer, Speaker

Do you struggle writing?

Are you looking to connect with like-minded people?

Do you need someone to guide, support, and help you along the way?

I am here to help you reach your level of great!

You don’t have to take the journey alone. 

Work with Dr. Hope

Kelly Koren Unlimited was founded in 2015 with the sole purpose of educating, equipping, and empowering first-generation college students and families with the tools needed to navigate the landscape of higher education. Since that time Kelly Koren Unlimited has evolved to include: document editing, leadership training, life coaching and mentoring, and event planning.

When I say I’m an Emmy Award winning reporter, I do credit Kelly as one of those people that got me to this point to win an Emmy.

– Jon “JJ” Burton 

Our Mission:

The mission of The S.H.I.F.T Network is to educate, uplift, and empower women of color and her allies to be vocal, bold, and brave change agents in their communities and beyond. By promoting self-enrichment, excellence in education, and biblical principles of womanhood, women of color will become conduits of change in their communities. Using Christian principles to under-gird our workings, we encourage women of color and her allies to embrace their voice, education AND faith in order to challenge societal norms, define womanhood, and transgress systematic and systemic barriers.

Our Aim:

S.H.I.F.T network aims to:
1. Share knowledge;
2. Help others;
3. Inspire communities of practice via networking and information sharing;
4. Foster dialogue around social justice and womanhood;
5. Transgress societal barriers and stereotypes together

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I was purposed on this Earth to help you reach your level of great! If you are looking for a high impact, courageous, speaker, trainer, laughter yoga instructor, editor, or mentor, I am perfect for you.

~ Kelly

GEM Productions was founded in 2008 with the sole purpose of providing first class praise and worship unto God via acting, play-writing, and liturgical dance. Since its founding in 2008, G.EM. has evolved to include workshop presentation, leadership training, and keynote speaking.

Dr. Hope combines years of educational and leadership experience with her love of God to train and empower leaders and youth to live their God-ordained purpose.


  • Waiting at the Table: A Session for Singles
  • Don’t be a Punk: Dealing with Obstacles
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It
  • Strategic Planning for Ministry

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