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Black Women Speaking From Within

To My Sisters: Affirmations and Annotations Buy Now

To My Sisters: Affirmations & Annotations

To My Sisters: Affirmations and Annotations Buy Now

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Dr. Kelly K. Hope is a high impact educator, trainer, and motivational speaker who curates spaces for development and exploration. She has over 15 years experience as a college administrator and over 10-years experience as an educator.

She is the founder and owner of Kelly Koren Unlimited, a leadership and educational consulting group whose mission is to educate, equip, and empower teachers, students, and individuals committed to dismantling education inequities. She holds a Master of Science in English Education from Southern Connecticut State University, a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University, is a certified laughter yoga instructor, and a trained career and life coach.

She is the author of To My Sisters: Affirmations and Annotations and editor of Black Women Speaking from Within: Essay and Experiences in Higher Education. Dr. Hope is a passionate educator and believes she is purposed on this Earth to help others reach their level of greatness.

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Cultural Consciousness: Considerations for Teaching and Learning

During this session, Dr. Hope will facilitate a conversation on cultural humility, student engagement, and practical strategies for teaching culturally and racially diverse populations. Participants will leave the session with

Teaching African American & Latino Studies: A Community-Based Approach

During this session, participants will explore a community-based approach to teaching. Dr. Hope will share first-hand experience working with a community-based organization to develop and spearhead the development of a statewide curriculum.

Anti-Racist Learning Institute

During these sessions, participants will explore aspects of anti-racist teaching pedagogy and develop lessons centered on valuing students’ homeworlds, amplifying student knowledge, and dismantling explicit and implicit racism. *This session can be an 8-week program.

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatness

During this interactive session, Dr. Hope provides what she believes are the 5-keys to unlocking personal greatness. Participants will leave this session with a mission and vision statement and be empowered to lead. *This program is available as a workshop or a self-paced online class.

Values, Vision, Voice

During this interactive session, participants will explore the importance of values, vision, and voice. Through self-inventory and exploration, participants establish personal and professional strategic plans.


During this session, participants will learn how to make B.O.S.S moves. B.O.S.S moves are moves that broker organizational success strategically. Participants will develop proposals, learn aspects of grant writing, and leave the session with action steps.


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